ListenUP! Webinar Series:

Building Empathy with Podcasts & Public Radio

Presented by:  Listenwise Founder and CEO, Monica Brady-Myerov and  Adam Strom, Director of Scholarship & Innovation, at Facing History & Ourselves

In this 30-Minute Webinar:  Listening is a pathway to empathy. In collaboration with Facing History and Ourselves this 30 minute webinar will share some approaches to teaching habits and skills that increase empathy. We'll talk about how teachers and students can recognize how we perceive difference and explore actions to increase our empathy toward those that look and act differently from us, that believe in different things, or live in different places. Using public radio stories from Listenwise and teaching resources/lessons from Facing History and Ourselves, teachers will leave with lessons they can use in their classrooms right away.

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