Back-to-School Webinar Series:

How to Use Listenwise for English Learners

Presented by:  Erica Petersen, Listenwise Teacher Support and Tamar Jeniski, ELL teacher in Weston, MA

In this 30-Minute Webinar:  It can be difficult to find compelling, authentic audio content to use in the classroom with English Language Learners working on academic language. With Listenwise Premium, we’ve paired NPR and podcast stories aligned to the curriculum with robust listening supports to make academic language acquisition more effective for ELs and struggling readers. In this “how-to” webinar, you’ll learn how to scaffold instruction for ELs with Listenwise tools like the interactive transcript, slower audio feature, language listening organizers, and academic vocabulary practice. We’ll also hear success stories from a teacher using Listenwise with her EL students to give you ideas on how to use Listenwise in your classroom.

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